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Welcome to the Abandoned places Wiki!Edit

Here is a Wiki for abandoned cemeteries, businesses, houses, famous landmarks, people involved in urban exploration, etc.!

Writing articles is encouraged.

Give a voice to those that are forgotten.

So far, there are 36 places that have been remembered since October 3, 2010.

New contentEdit

  • 5/25 Even though the article still needs a bit more detail (hopefully it will be researched and expanded sometime in the future), at least photos have finally been added to the Beeler Cemetery page.
  • 5/7 Read about how Houston's "eighth wonder of the world", the Astrodome (and later the Reliant Astrodome) came to an end here.
  • 5/6 You don't hear about too many incorporated towns with only a population of one person! So you can read about Monowi, Nebraska here!

Handy quickguide for this siteEdit

Abandoned places' articles can be easily accessed with the following groups!

Note: navigation of this site is easier if you have a Wikia account and it is set on the MonoBook layout; without one, the new default skin does not have as many features showing up on this page. Along with the Search, total content of this site can also be viewed here, and more can be viewed here. Thanks!

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